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Streamline your personal training bookings with our intuitive class booking and management software. 

Whether you offer 1:1, 2:1 or small group personal training sessions, Gymcatch ensures a hassle-free experience so that you can say goodbye to the complexities of manual systems and enjoy a simple and streamlined approach to managing schedules, bookings, payments and client interactions, enabling you to do more of what you love!

Over and above everything you’d expect to manage booking and payments, our PT focused features include:

Control visibility of your sessions 

Visibility management on Gymcatch is a great feature for personal trainers, enabling you to set your ‘open sessions’ as public and those for regular clients as private, ensuring you can both take new bookings and ensure clients’ regular spots are protected.  

You also have an automated waitlist feature that is included within our base plan to ensure that, no matter the size of your personal training sessions, you’re giving yourself the best chance to fill the space. 

Run business your way 

Personal trainers need the best of both worlds; a booking system that takes care of automation and recurring clients, whilst also the flexibility to give existing clients the option to book more or new slots. 

We give clients and Admins full control over packages and credit booking, ensuring you can let those that want to book and pay by themselves the freedom to do so, whilst also managing, or part-managing clients that don’t want that responsibility or small admin.

Easily onboard and upsell to customers 

Running a goal orientated course of personal training sessions is a great way to get new starters onboard or even upsell to existing customers. On Gymcatch you can easily create a course for a set number of sessions over a specified period of time and when either you or your customers book onto this course, they’ll automatically be booked onto all of the sessions within it. Saving both yourself and your customers time!

Quickly and tidily schedule your availability 

As a busy personal trainer you’re going to have a lot of identical sessions within your schedule showing your availability, whether that’s to book in with yourself or other trainers at your gym. Not only can you easily create a recurring series of sessions for these availability slots, but you can even use our consolidated sessions feature to group identical sessions each day for a tidier view on your schedule.


Experience the ease and efficiency of our personal training booking software, where managing your sessions becomes as fun as teaching them! Simplify your workflow, enhance your customer’s experiences and streamline your processes so that your business can create a community where accessing exercise is easy and enjoyable.

If you’re wanting to streamline your personal training business, then feel free to book a call with one of the team here.