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Wellness booking software for studios and instructors

Wellness booking software at unmatched value.

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Wellness booking software for every independent business

Gymcatch offers an unbeatable booking software system for wellness instructors and classes. Our wellness booking software provides 1-2-1 appointment and class solutions that are suited to all instructors of all experience levels, and works for online, single or multi locations. 

Gymcatch’s wellness booking software is designed to make life easier for you and your clients. Our system allows you to professionally and conveniently manage all elements of your business, from scheduling and booking to payments and customer service.

Our courses, or blocks, are strategically designed for the wellness sector, allowing for swaps, block bookings and more. Whatever your offering and business, we have the booking and payment structure to suit your requirements.

Wellness booking software for scheduling appointments

Our wellness booking software and scheduling software is available to all independent businesses, whether you own a studio or an independent instructor. With Gymcatch, you are given all the tools that you require from a wellness booking software system at a fixed and low price.

Our wellness booking software tools offer streamlined scheduling, reminders and automated notifications to maximise attendance. The booking payment options are also flexible and intuitive and adapt to iOS, Android, web and website applications, ensuring your customers are able to access, book and pay at the click of a button. 

Wellness livestream and on demand videos simplified

Our technology is designed for ease-of-use, making it possible for businesses of all sizes to provide clients with top-class video content. Offering clients online wellness services allows you to reach a larger client base and grow your business. The wellness software is designed to share and manage livestream links as well as on-demand content. Our technology is effortlessly integrated with Zoom and autogenerates, shares and updates meeting details in a single place.

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Wellness studio management software available for businesses of all sizes

Our software has been strategically designed to suit all your business requirements and we provide fully customisable team accessibility and permissions for your staff and contractors. This allows you to fully control permissions on the software.  The Android and iOS accessibility also allows  you to amend functionality and permissions on-the-go. 

Our wellness software system is also designed to make life easy for your clients, as iOS, Android apps and web apps make accessibility to your class schedules, bookings and payments as intuitive and easy as possible.

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Wellness booking software offering unbeatable value

At Gymcatch, we believe that you should have the opportunity to use wellness management software without being locked-in to long-term contracts and without paying upfront. Our initial free month gives you free class booking software for an extended period, and from then on, we offer a month-to-month commitment. We also offer a popular referral scheme to add further free months.

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Our wellness booking software makes your business more efficient

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Complete digital offering

Our wellness booking technology gives you a powerful digital presence, allowing your team, clients and prospects the opportunity to book in-person, livestream and  on-demand sessions across the web, Android and iOS.  Manage your customer and prospective customer relationships from any location, ensuring you can access key information wherever and whenever you need to.

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Payments and billing

Receive payments through Stripe and fully automate branded receipts. Offer “pay on the door” for cash clients and link to your accounting software to further streamline your operations.

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Drop-ins and multi-buy

Create a variety of  drop-in ticket prices and enable customers to multi-buy for family and friends. Offer promotions and use wait lists, auto-refunds, discount codes and cancellation policies to save time and maximise your revenue.

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Packages and courses

Our wellness booking software allows you to take card payments for pay-as-you-go clients, create bundles, memberships, free trials and passes that can all be easily purchased and tracked. All  with fully customisable terms and conditions. Our courses/blocks product gives your clients the ability to sign up for a series of classes or appointments in a single and simple transaction. You can also open up course sessions for drop-ins and swaps.

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Website and Facebook

Promote your business and specific sessions or packages direct on social media. Optionally embed Gymcatch on a website to increase traffic and conversion.

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Analytics and exports

Run custom booking and purchase reports across your business with all key information included. Easily export the reports .cvs files, offering a simple method for data checks and interrogation.

Gymcatch is powered by referrals

1000s of business owners, sharing a passion for fitness, reducing admin and increasing revenue.

Chris B.
Amazing service ☺This software allowed me to run my virtual online fitness business without having any expertise or ability in website management or creation. Their support was fantastic, the software was utterly reliable and their updates were incredibly useful. ☹I loved this software. No complaints from me
Gail H.
Great inexpensive booking system for a small business Easy. Great service from the team. Always coming back promptly to a question or query. ☺It's easy to use for both the business and the customer and it's affordable. ☹The inability to communicate with customers via text
Alida B.
Couldn't live without gymcatch now !!! I don't think I could work without gymcatch now ! My business is small but it has taken the worry out of wether people will attend or not . The more classes I do the more necessary gymcatch is . ☺It's easy for everyone to use . I have had very few issues and any queries I've had have been answered immediately and I am old and not great with software !! ☹Slight niggle . I have to log on through business portal every time ! Unless I've got that wrong ???
Christine R.
Gymcatch All good and the customer service is excellent offering a speedy response to any queries. ☺Love everything about this software, massively reducing class admin time. ☹There isn't anything I dislike about this product
Jade P.
Business owner Fantastic. Customer service is brilliant The team are always quick to respond and very helpful ☺Ease of scheduling all my sessions, live and ondemand and also so my clients could book sessions easily and cancel. Took a lot of admin time out of my day. Links to zoom and Vimeo ☹Hard to set up at first but [SENSITIVE CONTENT] helped loads. Once you know what you're doing it's really simple and easy to use.
Kerstin A.
Gymcatch I wouldn't be without it now. I set up my Gymcatch business account during the Pandemic and it met my needs perfectly. Despite now being back to "normality" I wouldn't revert back to cash payments and paperwork. The features it provides make my life much easier ☺Easy to use system which is perfect for my class needs. Booking is simple, managing class size and detail is straightforward and applications for communicating with customers are easy to use ☹Some of the essential features are additional bolt ons. It would be nice if these were included, but I understand why they're not. From an admin point of view I find it easier to use from the website on my laptop rather than through the app on my phone. The reverse is true from a user-participant perspective.
Mary C.
Fantastic Product for Bookings, Scheduling and Payments GymCatch is great for both online and in-person businesses providing services where clients want to pay online and not have to carry their wallets with them. ☺The product was easy to integrate with my Pilates business website, the steps on how to do so we very straight-forward. Being able to see who was booked in to class, get clients to complete health forms before booking and take payments integrated with stripe made this app a great admin tool. Being able to add or remove refunds and give discount codes to clients is also a great useful feature. ☹None..... .....................
Mercedes F.
How Gymcatch makes booking simple, seamless, and sweet! ☺Gymcatch provided more options than I ever imagined. They made it simple with bolt-ons to select and deselect certain features that may or may not work from month to month. As an early startup, the customer service team was very patient and understanding of our complexities. As the primary administrator, I enjoyed the ease of data collection that Gymcatch provides as a built-in feature. It's very customizable and integrates seamlessly with our website. ☹I didn't have many issues with the software. The training videos are very straightforward whenever I got stuck.
Lauren M.
Simple & Effective Software The experience so far has been great. The support team is always willing to go above & beyond to assist in any way they can. Added bonus is there's no pressure to commit; no pushy sales & constant calls. ☺The value for money is great! The software is simple enough to set up even if you have no idea how the backend of programs work & the support staff are always ready & happy to help you through any difficulties. ☹It would be great if there was a way to membership start dates so that clients could commit to their membership in advance. This would be super helpful for new businesses so they could onboard & lock-in members before their open date. It would also be great if memberships could be renewed on a specified rolling basis - 3, 6, 12 months etc. With the option to renew automatically if desired. However there are plenty of ok ways to get around these issues.
Bo K.
From Mindbody to GymCatch They have saved me a fortune and their customer service is always there. Perfect small business or private studio or PT app. ☺The effectiveness for the price is incredible. Does everything I need my business to do. Really happy I made the switch. ☹They are constantly evolving and adapting to the point I can't really fault them at this stage. We all want the stars, but in general they keep it coming. Last update and features has elevated my Members' experience.

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