Gymcatch Data and Privacy Policy

Gymcatch Limited (“Gymcatch”, “we” and “us”) respects the privacy of its users (“you”) and has developed this Data and Privacy Policy to demonstrate its commitment to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy describes the information we collect and how that information is used and with whom it may be shared, and your choices about such uses and disclosures.

This Data and Privacy Policy applies to both our professional customers and our consumers.

By using the Gymcatch mobile apps,, our web app ( and our business portal (the “Services”), you agree to this Data and Privacy Policy. With any data you share on Gymcatch, Gymcatch Limited is the data controller. If you have any questions regarding this Data and Privacy Policy, our contact details are at the end of this policy.



Visiting our websites

On you can opt in to our mailing list. Otherwise we do not collect any personal information from you on our website and don’t use cookies.

App registration

When you register for Gymcatch, you are required to provide your name and email address or Facebook login. We need your email address to verify your account. It will not be displayed by us.

When you register we also ask you to confirm that you are over 18. This is because you need to be 18 to join Gymcatch.

We may also collect information that does not identify you when using the Services. By using the Services, you authorise us to gather and retain this data.

If you sign in using Facebook, you will provide us with your Facebook login. If you do so, you authorise us to access certain Facebook account information, such as your public Facebook profile (consistent with your privacy settings in Facebook), your email address, interests, likes, gender, birthday, education history, relationship interests, current city, photos, personal description, friend list, and information about and photos of your Facebook friends who might be common Facebook friends with other Gymcatch users. You will also be asked to allow Gymcatch to collect your location information from your device when you download or use the Service.

Information collected automatically

We automatically collect information from your browser or device when you visit our Service. This information could include your IP address, device ID and type, your browser type and language, the operating system used by your device, access times, your mobile device’s geographic location while our application is actively running, and the referring website address.

Information you choose to share

Your information also includes the information you choose to share on Gymcatch. This includes the information you choose to share when you communicate on Gymcatch, such as:

  • when you post on your newsfeed
  • when you post on someone else’s newsfeed
  • when you comment on a post
  • when you share something
  • your profile summary
  • your interests
  • your ability level
  • when you check-in to a business
  • when you contact us using an email address
  • when you add a business or individual to Gymcatch
  • when you send a message
  • when you create an event
  • when you book an event
  • when you pay for an event
  • when you invite friends onto the platform
  • when you search for a business
  • when you search for a person
  • when you check-in to a location
  • your home address
  • your work address
  • when you upload an image
  • when you claim a reward

If you activate location services, we will also collect this data.

Zoom Integration
If you chose to integrate your Zoom  (  account with Gymactch we will store the following information received from Zoom:

Your Zoom User ID
The name you use on your Zoom account
Your Personal Zoom meeting ID
Your Zoom access tokens that allow us to manage meetings on your behalfWe use this information on an ongoing basis while your Zoom account is linked to your Gymcatch account so that you can create your Zoom meetings in Gymcatch to make creating your online sessions more efficient.

When you chose to disconnect your Zoom account(s) from Gymcatch we will delete the above information from our database within 10 working days.

Information others share about you

We receive information about you from your network and others, such as when they upload your contact information, post a photo of you, mention you in a post or message, or at a location, share an event that you have created, or add you to a event.

When people use Gymcatch, they may store and share information about you and others that they have, such as when they upload and manage their schedule and network.

Other information we receive about you

We receive data about you whenever you use or are running Gymcatch, such as when you look at another person’s profile, send or receive a message, search for contacts or a business, click on, view or otherwise interact with Gymcatch.

When you upload things like photos on Gymcatch, we may receive additional related data (or metadata), such as the time, date, and place you took the photo.

We receive data from or about the mobile phone, or other devices you use to install or to access the Services, including when multiple users log in from the same device. This may include Network and communication information, such as your IP address or mobile phone number, and other information about things like your internet service, operating system, location, the type (including identifiers) of the device or browser you use, or the pages you visit. For example, we may get your GPS or other location information so we can tell you if any of your friends are nearby, or we could request device information to improve how the Services work on your device.

We also put together data from the information we already have about you, your Network, and others, so we can offer and suggest a variety of services and features. For example, we may

make Network suggestions, pick posts for your newsfeed, or suggest Events, fitness providers or people that may interest you.

We may put together your current location with GPS and other location information we have about you to, for example, tell you and your network about people, businesses or events nearby, or offer deals to you in which you might be interested. We may also put together data about you to provide you recommendations or rewards or other content that might be more relevant to you.

When we get your GPS location, we put it together with other location information we have about you (like your current city). But we only keep it until it is no longer useful to provide you services, like keeping your last GPS coordinates to send you relevant notifications.


We use Cookies to remember you as part of the ‘keep you logged in’ service on

Information collected by third-parties

We use third-party data analytics partners to help us improve the Services. These partners will never have access to non-anonymised personal information.

We may allow service providers, advertising companies and advertising Networks, and other third parties to display advertisements on the Services. These companies may use tracking technologies, such as cookies or web beacons, to collect information about users who view or interact with their advertisements. We do not provide any non-anonymised personal information to third parties.

Interactions with fitness businesses

Fitness businesses and their staff and affiliates have the same access to your personal information, subject to your settings, as normal user.

If you interact with a fitness business, for example by redeeming an offer with them, you may be required to provide that fitness business with additional information directly. The fitness business in question is responsible for controlling any data it receives from you.

Paying for events in-app

Gymcatch works with Stripe to allow you to pay for fitness through the Gymcatch app. Gymcatch does not store any of your payment details.

Interactions with rewards providers

Our rewards are provided to us by our affiliates. They receive no information from you via the app. Information they collect from you when you visit their sites is subject to their individual terms and privacy terms.

Billing information

We do not store your payment details. All payment processing is handled by Stripe.

Additional information relating to business users

Business information

When registering your business on you will need to supply the name, address and a for of contact details for your business and the name of the business owner. We use a cookie on portal when you select the keep me logged in button.

If you enable in app payments you will need to register an account with Stripe. This will include some compulsory KYC information. This is handled securely by Stripe according to their terms. This information is not stored by Gymcatch.

How we use the information we receive

We only provide data to our advertising partners or customers after we have removed your name and any other personally identifying information from it, or have combined it with other people’s data in a way that it no longer personally identifies you.

We use standard third party internet technology to analyse your data. No third party will receive data that identifies you.

We use the information we receive about you in connection with the services and features we provide to you and other users including your network. For example, in addition to helping people see and find things that you do and share, we may use the information we receive about you:

  • as part of our efforts to keep Gymcatch products, services and integrations safe and secure;
  • to protect Gymcatch’s or others’ rights or property;
  • to provide you with location features and services, like telling you and your Network when something is going on that you be interested in or that is nearby;
  • to enable our professional partners to improve your social fitness experience;
  • to measure or understand the effectiveness of ads you and others see, including to deliver relevant information to you;
  • to make suggestions to you and other users on Gymcatch, such as: suggesting that your Network use our contact importer because you found friends using it, suggesting that another user add you as a friend because the user imported the same email address as you did; and
  • for internal operations, including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research and service improvement.

Your permission to use your data allows us to improve our services and develop ways to better use the information we receive about you.

While you are allowing us to use the information we receive about you, you always own all of your information. Your trust is important to us, which is why we don’t share information we receive about you with others unless we have:

  • received your permission;
  • given you notice, such as by telling you about it in this policy; or
  • removed your name and any other personally identifying information from it.

Of course, for information others share about you, they control how it is shared.

We store data for as long as it is necessary to provide products and services to you and others, including those described above. Typically, information associated with your account will be kept until your account is deleted. For certain categories of data, we may also tell you about specific data retention practices.

We may enable access to public information that has been shared through our services.

We may allow service providers to access information so they can help us provide services.

Deleting your app account

When you delete your account, it is permanently deleted from Gymcatch. It typically takes about one month to delete an account, but some information may remain in backup copies and logs for up to 90 days. You should only delete your account if you are sure you never want to reactivate it. To delete your account, please email us at

Certain information is needed to provide you with services, so we only delete this information after you delete your account. Some of the things you do on Gymcatch aren’t stored in your account, like posting to a Group or sending someone a Message (where your friend may still have a Message you sent, even after you delete your account). That information remains after you delete your account.


Your Network

Adding someone to your Network is a mutual act. Both parties have to accept each other to join your respective Networks.

If someone is in your Network, they will also be able to see your newsfeed and other information listed in the privacy settings table above, subject to which settings you select.

You can remove people from your Network at any time. The other person will not receive a notification.

Information that is always publicly available

The types of information listed below are always publicly available, and they are treated just like information you decided to make public:

Name: This enables your fitness provider to handle your bookings and communications. If you are uncomfortable sharing your real name, you can always delete your account.

Profile Pictures: These help your fitness provider and friends recognize you. If you are uncomfortable making any of these photos public, you can always delete them. Unless you delete them, when you add a new profile picture or cover photo, the previous photo will remain public in your profile.

Other information

Gymcatch’s privacy settings have been carefully designed to give you the flexibility to tailor your settings to control exactly what information about you others on Gymcatch can see. To do this we have created three levels of privacy:

  • Community (information that anyone on Gymcatch can view)
  • Network (information that only people within your Network can view)
  • Private (information that only people that you specifically select can view)

These settings can be controlled at any time in your Settings.

Business information can be set to Public. This means anyone using the Service can see it.

Other information that you chose to provide can be tailored using our privacy settings. You are able to set your default level of privacy on sign-up or at any time through the Settings menu. Once you have chosen your default privacy settings you can change this at any time. The table below gives an overview of your privacy settings. A “✓” indicates that this privacy setting is available while an X indicates that this privacy setting is not available.



Community (People in your network and who follow the same businesses to which the)

Network (Just my Network)

Private (Just me and my chosen recipients)

Your name and profile picture

Your name and profile picture are always displayed on Gymcatch.




This setting controls who is able to see the people in your Network.


This setting controls who is able to see which Businesses you follow and are a member of.


This setting controls who is able to see the Events, such as classes and appointments, that you are attending.


Y ou can update your interests through the Edit Profile screen


Posts and Comments and check- ins.

When you post to your newsfeed, people in your Network will be able to see your post.



When you send a Message, only your chosen recipients will be able to see the Message.



Creating Events

Any Gymcatch user can Create their own Events. When creating an Event, you should be aware that the Event is assigned it’s own privacy setting. As the administrator of an Event, this setting could override your personal account settings.

For example you may have your “Businesses” privacy set to “Network” so that only your Network can see which Businesses you attend. But if you create an Event with a “Public” privacy setting, your profile, as the host or administrator of that Event, will be visible to people searching, attending or joining, who may be outside of your Network.

When creating Events you are able to restrict their visibility to your Network or to selected individual(s), through the Private setting.

Attending and checking in to events

When book or check-in to an event or business, people will be able to see this dependent on your privacy settings.

What can Fitness Providers and Professionals see?

A business and their staff are able to see your profile in relation to events at that business abd are otherwise subject to the same privacy constraints as all other uses.

Similarly, fitness professionals using personal accounts are subject to the same privacy constraints.

Comments and shares

If you comment upon an item, your comment will be accessible to your Network and the Network of the person who made the original. You may not be able to see who is in that persons Network and the person who posted may later change their audience. So, if you comment on a story, and the story’s audience changes, the new audience can see your comment.

Although you choose with whom you share, there may be ways for others to determine information about you.

Always think before you post. Just like anything else you post on the web or send in an email, information you share on Gymcatch can be copied or re-shared by anyone who can see it.


When you send a Message, only your chosen recipients will see that Message.

Finding you on Gymcatch

To make it easier for your friends to find you, we allow users to search, by name, in the Add User section. Even if all of your settings are set to Private, other users could see that you are on Gymcatch, but cannot interact with you.

Access on phones and other devices

Once you share information with your friends and others, they may be able to sync it with or access it via their mobile phones and other devices. For example, if you share a photo on Gymcatch, someone viewing that photo could save it by other methods offered by their device. If you share your contact information with someone or invite someone to an Event, they may be able to use Gymcatch or third party applications or devices to sync that information. Or, if one of your friends has a Gymcatch application on one of their devices, your information (such as the things you post or photos you share) may be stored on or accessed by their device.

You should only share information with people you trust because they will be able to save it or re-share it with others, including when they sync the information to a device.

Cookies, pixels and other similar technologies

We may use technologies like cookies, pixels, and local storage (like on your browser or device, which is similar to a cookie but holds more information) to provide and understand a range of products and services.

We use these technologies to do things like:

  • make Gymcatch easier or faster to use;
  • enable features and store information about you (including on your device or in your browser cache) and your use of Gymcatch;
  • deliver, understand and improve advertising;
  • to provide you with location features and services, like telling you and your Network when something is going on that you may be interested in or that is nearby;
  • to enable our professional partners to improve your social fitness experience;
  • monitor and understand the use of our products and services; and
  • protect you, others and Gymcatch.

We may ask advertisers or other partners to serve adverstisments or services to computers, mobile phones or other devices, which may use a cookie, pixel or other similar technology placed by Gymcatch or the third party (although we would not share information that personally identifies you with an advertiser).

Most companies on the web use cookies (or other similar technological tools), including our advertising and social fitness partners. For example, our social partners, advertisers or Business Adds Account administrators may use cookies or similar technologies when you access their apps, ads, Business Accounts or other content.

Cookies and things like local storage help make Gymcatch work, like allowing pages to load faster because certain content is stored on your browser or by helping us authenticate you to deliver personalised content.

Refer to your browser or device’s help material to learn what controls you can often use to remove or block cookies or other similar technologies or block or remove other data stored on your computer or device (such as by using the various settings in your browser). If you do this, it may affect your ability to use Gymcatch.

Some other things you need to know

Our data is processed in the United Kingdom in the EEC. If you live outside of the EEC and do not wish your data to enter the EEC, you should not use Gymcatch.

Contact us with questions or disputes

If you have questions regarding our Gymcatch Data and Privacy Policy or practices, please contact us by email at

Responding to legal requests and preventing harm

We may access, preserve and share your information in response to a legal request (like a search warrant, court order or subpoena) if we have a good faith belief that the law requires us to do so. This may include responding to legal requests from jurisdictions outside of the United Kingdom where we have a good faith belief that the response is required by law in that jurisdiction, affects users in that jurisdiction, and is consistent with internationally recognised standards. We may also access, preserve and share information when we have a good faith belief it is necessary to: detect, prevent and address fraud and other illegal activity; to protect ourselves, you and others, including as part of investigations; or to prevent death or imminent bodily harm.

Information we receive about you may be accessed, processed and retained for an extended period of time when it is the subject of a legal request or obligation, governmental investigation, or investigations concerning possible violations of our terms or policies, or otherwise to prevent harm. We also may retain information from accounts disabled for violations of our terms for at least a year to prevent repeat abuse or other violations of our terms.

Access requests

If you wish to make an access request please contact us at with the subject heading SAR. We charge an administration fee of £10 to process a SAR.


You will always be required to turn on geo-location before Gymcatch can access your geo- location data. You can always de-activate geo-location through your settings.

Calendar Sync

Gymcatch enables you to sync your social fitness schedule with your calendars. We always ask permission to sync your Gymcatch schedule to your calendars and you can turn this function off at any time through your settings.

Notifications and Other Messages

We may send you push notifications and other Messages using the contact information we have for you, like your email address. You can control most of the notifications you receive, in your settings. If we send you emails, you will have the option to remove yourself from our email database.

Growing Networks

We make suggestions of possible new Network connections based on your shared friends, interests and fitness providers. This means that your profile picture and name may appear on the “suggestions” section of other users’ Network page. They will, of course, only be able to see your profile if you allow them via your settings.


When you invite a friend to join Gymcatch, we generate a pre-populated message for you to send to them (this can be a text Message or an email at your discretion) and we may also include names and pictures of other people your friend might know on Gymcatch. We may also send reminders to those you invite, but the invitation will also give your friends the opportunity to opt out of receiving other invitations to join Gymcatch.

Memorialising accounts

We do not memorialize accounts. If a Gymcatch user has died, please notify us and we will we will work with you to have the account removed.


We may share information we receive with businesses that are legally part of the same Group of companies that Gymcatch is part of, or that become part of that Group (often these companies are called affiliates). Likewise, our affiliates may share information with us as well. This sharing is done in compliance with applicable laws including where such applicable laws require consent. We and our affiliates may use shared information to help provide, understand, and improve our services and their own services.

Service Providers

We give your information to the people and companies that help us provide, understand and improve the services we offer. For example, we may use outside vendors to help host our website, serve photos and videos, process payments, analyse data, conduct and publish research, measure the effectiveness of ads, or provide search results. In some cases we may provide the service jointly with another Gymcatch company. In all of these cases our partners must agree to only use your information consistent with the agreement we enter into with them, as well as this Gymcatch Data and Privacy Policy.

Security and bugs

We do our best to keep your information secure, but we need your help. We try to keep Gymcatch up, bug-free and safe, but can’t make guarantees about any part of our services or products.

Change of Control

If the ownership of our business changes, we may transfer your information to the new owner so they can continue to operate the service. But they will still have to honour the commitments we have made in this Gymcatch Data and Privacy Policy.

Notice of Changes

If we make changes to this Gymcatch Data and Privacy Policy we will notify you. If the changes are material, we will provide you additional, prominent notice as appropriate under the circumstances.

Gymcatch Limited

Gymcatch Limited is a private limited company registered in England and Wales with registered number 8545573. Our registered office is at c/o Bright Grahame Murray Emperor’s Gate, 114a Cromwell Road, Kensington, London, SW7 4AG.

Version .2.2. Dec 2016