Personal training business software

Personal training booking software at unbeatable value.

PT giving instructions on client

Personal training booking software built for professionals

Gymcatch is an industry-leading fitness class booking system that enables you to conveniently and professionally manage your schedule, bookings, payments and customers with the ultimate fitness class booking software.

PT giving instructions on client

Personal training scheduling software that your clients will love

As well as making life as efficient as possible for you and your team, our personal training scheduling software is designed to make life easy for your customers. The PT scheduling software on iOS, Android Apps and embeddable, fully customisable website apps make finding your schedule, booking and paying as easy as and intuitive as possible.

Scheduling, reminders, automated notifications all help maximise attendance and flexible booking and payment options provide easy-to-use and intuitive booking apps. Less time spent on admin, more time spent making a difference to peoples lives. Gymcatch is your very own personal trainer calendar app.


The complete personal training management system

Whatever your business model and payment structure, Gymcatch’s personal training business software can cater to your needs. Whether pay-as-you-go classes or appointments, bundles (books of tickets), passes, courses (blocks) or running promotions through discount codes, Gymcatch has the full suite of flexible tools to help you run your business.

Offer customers a great booking experience on web, iOS and Android or book them on yourself, debiting any bought packages as needed. Maximise, loyalty and recurring revenue with recurring passes and memberships, all through one easy-to-use fitness platform.


Personal training apps for trainers

With our team settings you can add an unlimited number of trainers to your account. Use our fully customisable team permissions to grant different levels of access and grow your business at the pace you want without increasing your costs.


Livestream and on demand video made easy

Simple and easy to use technology has made it possible for businesses of any size to offer clients video content. Providing online services gives clients greater convenience and dance businesses with flexibility and growth opportunities. With Gymcatch you can share and manage links for livestream or on-demand content. Integrate with Zoom to auto-generate, share and update meetings in one place.

Two men by bench press
Two men by bench press

A completely free personal trainer software trial

We believe that great software should be affordable for every fitness business. We don’t scale costs with usage, after the free trial period businesses are billed on a rolling, month-to-month basis with a simple pricing package where you pay for the base plan and any then any bolt on features that you need.

You can also make Gymcatch even more affordable by utilising the free months that you can earn through our peer-to-peer referral scheme which can make the very best value in the sector even better value.


Our PT platform makes your business more efficient

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A digital presence for you, your team, customers and prospects for in-person, livestream and on demand sessions across the web, iOS and Android. Manage your customer relationships anywhere and ensure you always have the information you need by setting required contact and waiver information.

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Receive payments direct through Stripe. Automate branded receipts. Optionally offer ‘pay on the door’ selection for cash buyers and link to your accounting software.

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Set different drop-in ticket prices and enable customers to multi-buy for friends and family. Includes all the features you need to maximise revenue and offer promotions with wait lists, cancellation policy with auto-refund and discount codes all included.

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Take card payment for pay as you go clients, create passes, bundles, memberships and free trial options that can be purchased and tracked, all with customisable terms and conditions. And for courses our features allow your clients to sign up for a course in one simple transaction block booking with the option to open up sessions for drop-ins and swaps.

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Link from anywhere to your Gymcatch booking page or embed the booking process directly into your existing website.

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Run custom booking and purchase, attendance, instructor and pricing reports across your business. Easily export reports, customer information and registration information to .csv files.


I love Gymcatch. Even more importantly, so do my clients, booking is so simple, and it gives me all the functionality I need.

Andy PlantAll About Me Fitness

Enables us to easily sell our sessions online and to provide clients with an app to book through. Very easy to set up and the value for money is excellent compared to other providers. Excellent value for money!

Lawrence ArsalidesLA Personal Training

This if the first time I've tried a booking app and for me it ticks all the boxes. The app is great in itself, does pretty much everything other apps do but for a fraction of the cost. Really rate them.

Helen GriffithsHelenGPT