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Streamline Activities for Your Kids Class

Elevate your kids’ health classes with our intuitive kids class booking software. Gymcatch ensures a hassle-free experience for both instructors, parents and kids, simplifying administrative tasks while enhancing the overall engagement for the little ones.

Our user-friendly kids class booking software is designed to lighten the load of managing schedules, bookings, payments, and client interactions. With Gymcatch, you can bid farewell to the complexities of manual systems and enjoy a simple and streamlined approach that allows you to focus on creating dynamic and enjoyable classes for kids.

When you sign up with Gymcatch, parents or guardians can easily reserve class spots for their children using mobile apps available on iOS or Android, through our website, or seamlessly integrated into your own site. This streamlined system covers waitlist management, reminders, and offers flexible booking choices, ensuring a hassle-free experience for parents when enrolling their little ones.

Experience the ease and efficiency of our kids class booking software, where managing classes becomes as enjoyable as teaching them. Simplify your workflow, enhance children’s experiences, and create a space where healthy activity for kids is accessible and enjoyable.


Secure and Stress-Free Booking

Create a hassle-free booking experience for your kids’ health classes with our reliable kids class booking software. Our platform ensures a secure and seamless process, allowing parents to book with confidence.

Our intuitive software ensures a hassle-free booking process, accessible via our dedicated apps or seamlessly integrated into your website. Gymcatch eliminates concerns about waitlists or convoluted procedures, providing a simple solution for parents to easily enrol their children.

With a strong focus on security measures, we’ve crafted a platform that ensures the safety of every booking. Parents can trust that their children’s activities are managed securely, enhancing their confidence in choosing your classes.

Experience a worry-free booking journey with our kids class booking software, where security and simplicity go hand in hand. Streamline your bookings, reassure parents, and create an environment where kids’ activities are both secure and enjoyable.


Manage Multiple Parents and Kids with Gymcatch

Gymcatch revolutionises the realm of kids’ health classes by offering seamless management for fitness instructors and business owners dealing with multiple participants, specifically, parents or guardians booking activities for their kids. Our platform simplifies touchpoints by streamlining bookings, payments, and schedules.

For fitness instructors or business owners, handling a myriad of parents booking sessions for their kids can be overwhelming. Gymcatch provides a user-friendly interface that allows instructors to effortlessly manage multiple participants and streamline the entire booking process. 

Our software ensures that each booking is efficiently tracked, payments are seamlessly processed, and schedules are meticulously organised. This translates to reduced administrative burden, enabling instructors to focus more on what they do best – delivering exceptional classes and experiences for the little ones.

The benefits extend beyond convenience. For fitness instructors, it means a hassle-free management experience, allowing them to concentrate entirely on creating impactful and inclusive active sessions for kids.. This heightened level of engagement leads to increased satisfaction among young participants and their parents, ultimately strengthening the business’s reputation and credibility.

By leveraging Gymcatch’s capabilities as a kids class booking software, instructors and business owners alike can be empowered to elevate their activity offerings. The platform’s seamless management of multiple parents and kids optimises operations, enriches experiences, and fosters a thriving business environment centred around delivering top-notch healthy activity experiences for the younger generation.


Tailored Solutions for Parents

Gymcatch understands the importance of ease and personalisation when it comes to kids activity class booking software, and our platform provides a user-friendly interface, simplifying scheduling. Gymcatch’s intuitive design ensures a smooth booking journey, allowing parents to effortlessly oversee and manage their child’s activities within the available classes or sessions provided by the instructor.

Beyond the user-friendly design, Gymcatch fosters a sense of control and efficiency for parents. Our platform allows them to effortlessly oversee and manage their child’s activities in your gym, providing a stress-free experience with just a few clicks. By offering this level of convenience and customisation, Gymcatch elevates the experience for parents, providing a reliable and efficient tool to enrich their child’s activities while simplifying the booking process.

This reliable solution translates into increased satisfaction for parents, fostering a stronger bond between instructors and families. As parents experience a seamless booking process and greater customisation for their children’s activities, they become advocates, spreading positive word-of-mouth about the instructor’s offerings. Ultimately, this positive experience enhances the reputation and credibility, attracting more families seeking personalised and convenient health solutions for their children.


Why Choose Gymcatch for Kids’ Classes

Gymcatch is the unparalleled choice for those seeking an efficient and effective kids’ class booking software. Our platform redefines how families and fitness professionals manage children’s activities, offering a comprehensive solution tailored precisely to their dynamic needs.

At Gymcatch, we’ve tailored a digital suite for efficient management of kids’ health classes. Our strong online presence covers web, iOS, and Android platforms, catering to in-person, livestream, and on-demand sessions. When it comes to payments, Gymcatch smoothly integrates with Stripe, automating receipts and allowing handy ‘pay on the door’ options for hassle-free client transactions.

Managing drop-ins and multi-buys is a breeze with Gymcatch. We offer flexible ticket pricing and multi-purchase capabilities, optimising attendance and revenue generation for your kids’ activity programs.

Our payment structures are diverse, ranging from pay-as-you-go models to memberships and free trials, all easily accommodated through Gymcatch, ensuring customisable terms that suit various client preferences.

Gymcatch seamlessly blends with websites and social media platforms like Facebook, providing direct access to the Gymcatch booking page or embedding the booking process into your existing websites.

Empowering business owners is at the core of Gymcatch. Our robust analytics and reporting tools enable you to track crucial data, bookings, purchases, attendance, and instructor performance – all of which facilitates informed decision-making and drives business growth.