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How to get personal training clients fast

By March 19, 2020April 28th, 2023No Comments

There is no secret formula for recruiting more personalised training customers for your company, but you might be more successful with a versatile approach. In other terms, a range of techniques is likely to function better than using only a single or two approaches. Here are some ways of how to get personal training clients fast:

1. Have a positive attitude

The primary step in attracting more clients to personal training is to develop the right attitude. It might sound cheap, but it is the best method in case you want to make the most of your business!

In case you do not believe us, picture something you want to buy. If you had planned to visit a shop and communicate with a sales consultant who somehow seemed indifferent or hateful, you would feel awkward during the transaction process if you weren’t completely discouraged.

However, in regards to personal training, your customers don’t just buy you a product. They pay to spend some time with somebody who motivates and inspires them and guides them to achieve their fitness objectives.

Meaning that a horrible attitude is likely to cost you your potential customers, rather than postponing some of them. When the competitive market is high because of the large amount of PT out there, you should be at the top of the game!

In any case, working as a private trainer is a career-focused on communication, so you ought to enjoy working together with others. You must be friendly and amicable and do your best to be courteous to potential customers. We are not saying it is easy to smile at work every day, but it will surely assist when it comes to learning how to get more personalized training clients.

Trust is also essential because it looks and stands out authentically. You need to make sure that your facial jargons fit the conversation you have with the gym members, or you risk appearing insincere.

2. Build a good rapport

Buying from persons and in a business where you effectively sell ‘yourself’ and your skills, the ability to build a relationship is invaluable.

Building a good relationship as you get closer to a potential customer is a must. Thus hitting them right away with your sales pitch is the wrong way. When enrolling customers from the gymnasium floor, you naturally have to act.

3. Start blogging and email marketing

It’s great to try if you’re a personal trainer looking for more clients to turn to email and content marketing.

It might sound strange if you are not familiar with any of these things or if you use digital media to promote yourself in general, but fear not! It is not as complex as it echoes.

To provide you with a sample of what is meant by email and content marketing, let’s begin with the “content” section. It is also called blogging and it is a very effective (and quite fun) technique to market your services like a PT.

The blog is not only incredibly well designed (beautiful and simple), it is also optimised for search engines. The posts focus on keywords like “lose abdominal fat” and “cure hip, knee, and low back pain” and exciting topics that prospective customers need to hear about.

When it comes to topics to focus your content on, the keywords related to physical fitness are endless. You can combine a good combination of personal training themes with exercise guides etc. to drive traffic (and leads) to your site.

4. Create your business niche

Choosing a speciality is a smart career change in regards to getting clients as a personal trainer.

Think of it this way; For instance, if you’re in search of advice on strength training, you don’t want to train with any personal instructor. You want information from a conditioning and strength coach, who is an expert in his field.

Fortunately for you, a large number of personal training customers are actively seeking expert guidance in their selected training speciality. They are looking for a unique and particular type of coach, that can train them in the preferred direction and give them something that their average private trainer cannot offer.

Choosing a specific target market will not only set you apart from the many personal trainers who qualify every day in the UK (allowing customers to easily find you), it will also be much easier to find customers in your gymnasium.

As soon as you have a specific audience in mind, you know the direction to look. For instance, if you be eligible as a conditioning and strength coach after getting your PT scores, then you know the free weights sector is a nice place to socialise between the sessions.

A target market also enables you to create a client base that matches your existing traits and skills and can offer real value in the sessions. It will help you retain clients since they will not ever tire of the services you offer. Especially, if you are familiar with how to offer them with valued sessions tailored to your training objectives.

There is no intent not to place yourself in a spot where you are one of the few coaches who can assist them in their favourite area of ​​physical activity, as this will do wonders to help you get passionate about your speciality in consistent paying clients.

5. Follow-up with prospective clients

Because somebody is genuinely concerned with improving their health doesn’t mean they can’t be diverted from actively reaching this goal. Frequently this has to do with the point that it is hard to acquire the enthusiasm to start (it is something that needs physical action).

In regards to learning how to acquire clients for in-person training, an efficient method is to contact those who have shown some interest in the services you offer. We know this may seem overwhelming, but do not worry; It is a recognised sales method and is used every day by companies around the world. You will probably be amazed at how many people want to know more about how you can assist them and eventually sign up with you!

It is important to remember that tracking does not require direct sales and can be indirect in some circumstances. It is more of a friendly reminder that you are still there in case they want to go ahead and show that you don’t sell much (which is unpleasant in this business).

What assists the follow-up process with prospects is whether your first meeting with them made an attractive, positive, and lasting impression. This means that you have already built up some confidence with them and are much not likely to suspect that you are trying to vend your services.

The way you may follow your clients up is to greet them when they enter the gym or approach them on the gymnasium floor and ask how they are doing. The secret to undertaking this efficiently is to keep things indirect!

All you have to do is consult with them each week and have a natural conversation on how their training is going, etc. So that they are conscious of your existence in the gym and take it into account subconsciously in case they ever choose they need to start the PT sessions.

6. Business cards

One of the best way to get clients as a personal trainer is the usage of business cards. We recognise what you think, and what other Personal Trainers who have operated in the industry for a while may have said to you.

We are here to inform you that this is not true in case you implement the correct method, and we can say this because we have a lot of experience in this business! We recognise from experience that corporate cards may be a great approach to increase your customer base as a PT, and fortunately, it is not the “spray and prays” method where you randomly deliver them.

7. Write articles for exercise websites or local magazines

As a fitness expert, you have a lot of information that customers will find fascinating. Donating articles to fitness websites or local magazines may position you like a true fitness specialist. If you stay in a small city, your local newsprint might even be attracted to writing a “Ask the Fitness Expert” column that answers readers’ questions.

8. Communicate with customers through Facebook

The PT Development Center commends Facebook as a means to develop your company. They support writing a simple guide of the day and inviting persons to ask queries about fitness or health.

9. Give a free trial period

Advertise a week-long free trial and ensure those who register, have a wonderful experience. Some individuals may be interested in getting a PT, but they wonder if it’s worth the cost and time. This is the chance for them to test, and also to show your way of helping them.

10. Cultivate a working rapport with health workers

If clients have wounds or medical problems that require a chiropractor or the attention of a sports physician, connect them with the appropriate expert. Then ask your healthcare provider to help you to come up with an exercise program. This working rapport gives you reliability while assisting to protect the health of the clients.

11. Post endorsements on your site

People looking for a personal trainer want to know the kind of experience others had with your services. If you know that your customers are happy with your services, request them to give a testimonial to put on your site. Such commentaries carry lots of weight.

Finally, these tips will get you on track, however, you can also get great tips from online groups. Consider joining personal fitness forums or fitness groups on LinkedIn so you can discover what techniques have functioned for others. You can expand your customer base with diligent efforts.

Now you’re armed with all this knowledge, don’t forget to check out our easy to use personal training booking software.