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At Ultimate Performance Lifestyle all of our Modified Pilates classes are taught by a fully qualified Physiotherapist, or highly tra instructors trained in both Pilates and biomechanical movement. We have been teaching Modified Pilates in Peterborough since we opened in 2012, we have a purpose build Pilates studio and...

Pilates for Runners


Pilates for Runners. This is a 6 week course designed by an experienced Charted Physiotherapist/Pilates teacher and also Nicky who is an experienced runner competing at county level and a Pilates instructor. The class incorporate exercises to enhance performance, reduce risk of injuries, correct muscle imbalances, strengthen and stretching of over used muscles. You will also learn to incorporate exercises to compliment your running for the future. You do not need to be an experienced runner and can be someone just starting. The class will adapted to your level so can go easy or advance where necessary.