Brewer Street Yoga


Yoga about you. In Central Soho. Brewer Street Yoga is a boutique yoga studio with capacity for fifteen students in the heart of Soho offering a unique range of small group yoga classes taught by a number of inspiring teachers. Note that you must be fully vaccinated against Coronavirus to join an in-studio class. ...

<FREE> Tai Chi and Qi Gong introductory workshop


This FREE workshop will introduce some of the fundamentals of Tai Chi and Qi Gong, as a way of knowing what to expect in Sen's upcoming Wednesday evening classes. During this introductory session Sen will be leading a beginners Tai Chi, Qi Gong, breathing and balancing exercise. He will also be giving a brief talk of the history and philosophy of Tai Chi and Qi Gong and the benefits of practicing these ancient Arts and Health exercises. The workshop feature demonstrations with Tai Chi swords, Sabre and Tai Chi Fan. The workshop will conclude with an informal Q&A time, with complementary organic Chinese green tea and opportunities to chat with Sen about his up coming classes and other aspects of his work. This is what you'll experience in the regular weekly class: Tai Chi is an ancient exercise originating from China where it has been practised for centuries and has gained popularity in parts of the West due to its health benefits. The creation of Tai Chi Quan was based on the Daoist principles of Tranquility and Harmony with nature, as well as Confucius’s philosophy of Centredness. The subject of Yin and Yang theory, the principles of interchanging emptiness and solidness, softness and hardness as well as motion interacting with stillness consisted in Tai Chi. Qi Gong is one of the oldest health exercises in Chinese history dating back thousands of years. Qi Gong is a mind, body, breath and health exercise. Qi Gong seeks to stimulate the flow of Qi (vital energy) along the energy channels and meridians throughout the body. Tai Chi and Qi Gong are often described as “moving meditation”. These ancient health exercises relax the body and mind, energise the body, create harmony between the mind and body. Tai Chi and Qi Gong are one of the most popular exercises in China and South East Asia, practised by tens of thousands of people. Tai Chi and Qi Gong’s popularity has noticeably increased in recent years in many countries due to its benefits for our wellbeing. Sen’s class emphasises building strength, improving flexibility and balance, energising the body and relaxing the mind, relieving stress and improving general wellbeing. The class is suitable for people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. No prior experience is required. Please don’t eat a large meal less than 2 hours prior to the class. ​ What to wear/bring: • Loose comfortable clothing you can easily move in: shorts and T-shirt/vest are perfect. • A yoga mat if you have one, otherwise studio mats are available. • A water bottle and a towel if you choose to. • Note that there are no shower facilities at this venue. Lateness: Life sometimes puts unavoidable delays in our path, and if something means you'll be late for class please don't worry: you're welcome to join when you arrive (within reason!) . All I ask is that you let me know so I can prepare a space for you and let the other students know that we'll have a late joiner. How many students will there be? With current physical distancing requirements the class is limited to 15 students.

Cancellation policy

This session uses automated refunds for bookings made using a package or by card. If you cancel your booking more than 24 hours before the start of the session you will be refunded by a credit to the bundle or pass used to make the booking or by the gifting of a bundle that will enable you to book into an alternative session. Any queries about refunds should go directly to Brewer Street Yoga. Gymcatch cannot assist you with refunds.