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Welcome to DanSing Australia Pty Ltd, our legacy of dance excellence spans over 30 years, marking us as Brisbane's premier dance and performance hub. We invite you to discover our fully equipped studio nestled in the serene suburb of Paddington, just a stone's throw away from the city. Embracing students from across Br...

BollyHop / Afro Vibe Infusion Workshop


TJ - Graduate in Performing Arts/Musical Theatre, has been Choreographing,performing and teaching professionally for 12+ years. Versatility mixed with a passion for a dance, TJ has touched various dance genres and worked around the globe. Workshop brief : 1: Afro vibe choreography - Get ready to plunge into the heart of African rhythm enriched with street dance and a vibe of raw energy and dance. 2: BollyHop - BollyHop is an innovative mix that merges the high-energy, vibrant steps of Bollywood music with the freestyle, upbeat elements of Hip Hop. This dance genre is high-energy, expressive, and a whole lot of fun, making it perfect for anyone who loves to move and groove!