Sattva Center for Meditation & Yoga

"Sattva" means the quality of purity or goodness. Sattva Center for Meditation & Yoga is a place for calm & tranquility. A place where laughter is often heard, intermixed with breath and movement. A place for meditation and contemplation for seekers of Truth. A place for Being. Whether you are here for Ashtanga Yoga, B...

Humming for Radiance: Cultivating Health and Happiness


So often we turn to sources outside of ourselves for guidance and healing and yet, we have so much healing potential with our own breath and voice! A simple practice can ignite within you the ability to bring balance, and tone your cells to healthful states. Join Heather of Seraph Sound Sanctuary for this workshop to experience how a humming practice can be beneficial to your mental, emotional and physical and well-being. We will start with some vocal toning to tune in acutely to the vibrations sensed in our bodies with different sounds. Heather will then guide participants in a gentle breath awareness exercise before we explore how humming in community can uplift us and support radiating our light. In this workshop we will go over the health benefits of humming, be guided through a simple, yet powerful humming practice, engage with each other in community and more!

Cancellation policy

All ticket sales are final and nonrefundable, unless the event is cancelled by Sattva.