Sattva Center for Meditation & Yoga

"Sattva" means the quality of purity or goodness. Sattva Center for Meditation & Yoga is a place for calm & tranquility. A place where laughter is often heard, intermixed with breath and movement. A place for meditation and contemplation for seekers of Truth. A place for Being. Whether you are here for Ashtanga Yoga, B...

Restorative Yoga w/ Sound Healing


Our friend and guest teacher, Steph Cucina, will be offering a night of relaxation on your mat: some restful yoga poses and a sound immersion while you enjoy your restorative yoga practice. Whether you are new to yoga, new to sound healing, or a seasoned practitioner, you are welcome to explore and enjoy the sounds of healing on your mat. Space is limited so register early. Tickets are $35 and nonrefundable. Please dress in layers, and bring a mat and anything else you may need to feel comfortable.