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"Sattva" means the quality of purity or goodness. Sattva Center for Meditation & Yoga is a place for calm & tranquility. A place where laughter is often heard, intermixed with breath and movement. A place for meditation and contemplation for seekers of Truth. A place for Being. Whether you are here for Ashtanga Yoga, B...

Yoga for Golfers--Online Participants ONLY

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Yoga for Golfers
01/03/2024 5:30 PM
01/24/2024 5:30 PM


Join Craig Snyder, a lifetime golfer and longtime yoga teacher, for a 4-week yoga series tailor-made for golfers. Craig will use his golf game and his yoga practice to help you find more strength, better balance, and greater flexibility for improved performance on the green. Accessible for all bodies, all genders and all ages of golfers, this series will help golfers focus on hip opening, proper knee movement, core strength & core twisting, ankle flexion, and spinal movement. And it will help golfers improve their focus because a big part of yoga is learning how to focus one’s mind on the posture at hand (much like golf!). Craig will also teach you breath techniques that will help provide smooth movement, purposeful timing, and completion of movements. While he cannot guarantee a scratch handicap, Craig will provide participants with tools to help them feel stronger and more vibrant on and off the green, with better endurance for a lifetime of more enjoyable golf.