Sattva Center for Meditation & Yoga

"Sattva" means the quality of purity or goodness. Sattva Center for Meditation & Yoga is a place for calm & tranquility. A place where laughter is often heard, intermixed with breath and movement. A place for meditation and contemplation for seekers of Truth. A place for Being. Whether you are here for Ashtanga Yoga, B...

Qigong Meditation--Feeling the Earth w/ Tammy Bray


Qigong Meditation - Feeling the Earth This meditation brings you into awareness of your inner energy and expands to connecting to the energy of Earth, community, creation and all Life around you and connecting back to Life within you. This time ends with gentle movement, leaving you feeling a deeper sense of aliveness, connection and wholeness. This session is also an opportunity to ask Tammy more about the next 4-part "Intro to Qigong" Series occurring in January 2024.

Cancellation policy

Tickets are nonrefundable, unless event is cancelled by Sattva.