Sattva Center for Meditation & Yoga

"Sattva" means the quality of purity or goodness. Sattva Center for Meditation & Yoga is a place for calm & tranquility. A place where laughter is often heard, intermixed with breath and movement. A place for meditation and contemplation for seekers of Truth. A place for Being. Whether you are here for Ashtanga Yoga, B...

Monthly Men's Sangha


The word "sangha" means community. At Sattva, we recognize the need for men to gather together, to hold space for one another as we travel the sacred journey from the head to the heart.  It is typical for men to think they have to “keep it together” or to not show emotions. But being in touch with emotions, and knowing how to use them constructively, is a way of strength, not weakness.  Hosted on the third Thursday of each month by Alan Kuhl, this group provides a space for men to be vulnerable and talk about life at face value. To share experiences, strength, and hope with one another as we get to know ourselves better.  Each Monthly Men's Sangha meeting  will have an opening circle with intention setting, discussions, and a closing meditation.