Lisa Hill Balanced Fitness


With over 20 years experience in the fitness industry, Lisa Hill is passionate about helping her clients to live an active and pain free life, allowing them to pursue any activities and hobbies they enjoy and want to continue to enjoy for many years to come. Lisa became a Personal Trainer in 2002 and has been a fully ...

MELT Taster Session


This Taster class is open to anyone who wishes to experience MELT. MELT classes are for anyone who wants a strong flexible body. MELT classes will improve clients flexibility, mobility and posture. MELT also improves sleep and digestion, range of motion and after every session, clients will leave the class with a sense of reconnection and release to their body and feeling rebalanced. Using specialised MELT equipment which Lisa provides, MELT rehydrates the connective tissue, rebalances the nervous system and restores spaces to compressed joints and potentially providing an alternative to pain medication. Over time MELT heightens your body’s ability to repair and heal itself, which can create remarkable, lasting changes. MELT is suitable for anyone, if you are pregnant, injured, post surgery, have limited mobility, chronic pain, hip or knee replacements - you can still MELT.