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C-section Recovery Workshop - Liverpool


Wednesday 29th June @1.30pm - 3pm Venue: Big You Little You, Aigburth Rd This C-section Recovery Workshop is helpful for anyone who is planning to have or has had a C-section, particularly in the last two years. You are welcome to attend during pregnancy and from those early weeks post-surgery.  Would you like a safe space to come together with other C-section mums to learn about ways that you can support your body to heal and recover? Massaging your C-section scar can help manage adhesions that form below the surface. These adhesions can be far-reaching, and affect the mobility of your core and its function with restricted breathing mechanics and even ongoing discomfort above and below the scar. 1 hr 30-minute Workshop - £27 including gift bag - Limited places! Led by your local Holistic Core Restore Coach & Scar Massage Therapist What's included: - Learn how your recovery differs from a vaginal birth recovery​ - Breathing and mobility to help with core recovery - Discover what scar massage is and some techniques that you can use on yourself to manage your scar - Learn ways in which we can nutritionally and emotionally support our body to heal - Gift bag & information to take home The body has amazing capabilities in its ability to heal but you can support this process in so many ways.  

Cancellation Policy

Payments are non-refundable or transferable. However, if spaces are available at another venue/time you may be offered to transfer your place.