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C-section Recovery Workshop - Wirral


Monday 27th June @1.30pm - 2.45pm Venue: Calm at Church Farm This C-section Recovery Workshop is helpful for anyone who is planning to have or has had a C-section, particularly in the last two years. You are welcome to attend during pregnancy and from those early weeks post-surgery.  Would you like a safe space to come together with other C-section mums to learn about ways that you can support your body to heal and recover? Massaging your C-section scar can help manage adhesions that form below the surface. These adhesions can be far-reaching, and affect the mobility of your core and its function with restricted breathing mechanics and even ongoing discomfort above and below the scar. 1 hr 15-minute Workshop - £27 including gift bag - Limited places! Led by your local Holistic Core Restore coach & Scar Massage Therapist What's included: Learn how your recovery differs from a vaginal birth recovery​ Breathing and mobility to help with core recovery Discover what scar massage is and some techniques that you can use on yourself to manage your scar Learn ways in which we can nutritionally and emotionally support our body to heal Gift bag & information to take home The body has amazing capabilities in its ability to heal but you can support this process in so many ways.  

Cancellation Policy

Payments are non-refundable or transferable. However, if spaces are available at another venue/time you may be offered to transfer your place.