Cath Hopkinson - Healthy best You


We started our Pilates journey in 2001, and have been teaching mat and apparatus for a long time! A Pilates boutique studio with a full studio of Apparatus, where we offer classes unique in the Ribble Valley! You are always assured and warm welcome.

Studio SASSY


Based in our Apparatus Studio (Your Pilates Space), we use all the Pilates Apparatus as we work like Joseph Pilates' taught in his New York Studio. We work all the body on the apparatus and small equipment in rotation, experiencing strength, stretching and improved posture. A 45 minute class

Cancellation policy

This session uses automated refunds for bookings made using a package or by card. If you cancel your booking more than 24 hours before the start of the session you will be refunded by a credit to the bundle or pass used to make the booking or by the gifting of a bundle that will enable you to book into an alternative session. Any queries about refunds should go directly to Cath Hopkinson - Healthy best You. Gymcatch cannot assist you with refunds.