Fitness and Wellbeing with Leon


Pilates Meditation Qigong Wing Chun Kung Fu Kali Personal training Life Coaching Hatha Yoga Yin Yoga Exercise referral Classes online and in selected venues. One to One sessions are available too.

Yin Yoga


Deep stretches and meditation, with poses held for around 5min. Very restorative with the facia being stretched along with the muscles.

Cancellation policy

This session uses automated refunds for bookings made using a package or by card. If you cancel your booking more than 1 hour before the start of the session you will be refunded by a credit to the bundle or pass used to make the booking or by the gifting of a bundle that will enable you to book into an alternative session. Any queries about refunds should go directly to Fitness and Wellbeing with Leon. Gymcatch cannot assist you with refunds. The spaces available in this class are restricted due to Covid restrictions. Because of this, the spaces need to be filled so that I can earn a living. If you cancel up to 1 hour before class, you will be automatically given refund class credit to use to re-book. You have 2 weeks to book using it, this is to stop people accruing them. If you cancel within 1 hour or you don't let me Know at all, then there will be no refund.