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Triggerpoint Pilates Shhh Pelvic Floor Session


Triggerpoint Pilates Shhh focuses on easing pelvic pain and helping pelvic issues like incontinence, weak core, diastasis recti, hypertonic pelvic floor and pelvic organ prolapse. We do this using Triggerpoint therapy which involves the foam roller, massage balls and Pilates balls. Please ensure you have a chat with me before booking if you experience anything listed or other pelvic issues to ensure it's the right class for you. We do lots of work around the pelvic area to help realign, ease pain and improve imbalances as well as working on optimal pelvic floor engagement,

Cancellation Policy

Things happen and we do need to cancel at time. If you need to cancel your session please do so 4 hours before your class start time. This will allow your space to open up to someone on the waiting list and let me adapt the session accordingly as some face-to-face class routines/equipment depends on numbers. For no-shows or late cancellations of virtual classes, the recorded link will be sent and you will still be charged. For face-to-face classes you will still be charged if you cancel within the stated 4-hour window. Thank you for your co-operation.