Gymcatch Knowledge Base for Health and Fitness Businesses


What's Gymcatch?

Gymcatch is a mobile platform for fitness businesses and their customers. Fitness businesses sign up to Gymcatch on our Business Portal, This is where you create your account and can manage your Business. You then simply download the Gymcatch mobile app from the App Store or the Play Store to manage your business on the go. Then your customers download the mobile apps or use the web app to follow your business and book sessions. You can also take bookings on your own website by using the Gymcatch web embed.  Fitness has never been simpler.

What does Gymcatch do for fitness businesses?

Gymcatch is your personal assistant. It’s where you publish your schedule – allowing you to be found by consumers and handles bookings and payments. It creates and manages your wait lists and class packages. It also provides the most efficient way to communicate with current and potential clients.

What does Gymcatch do for consumers?

Gymcatch makes participating in fitness easy. Fitness consumers can book and pay for sessions in a couple of taps or clicks, find out what their friends are going to and be notified when a place becomes free on a fully booked session. Gymcatch also rewards consumers for simply participating in fitness with great retail offers.

What is the Gymcatch Business Portal?

The Gymcatch Business Portal,, is where you register your business and create and control your business’s presence on Gymcatch. You can manage your day-to-day business on the mobile app while the Business Portal contains some additional business management features to make your life easier.

Where is Gymcatch available?

Gymcatch is currently available in the UK, Ireland, the USA and Australia.

What are Gymcatch Partner Rewards?

Gymcatch Partner Rewards is a scheme to reward fitness. By participating in fitness through the Gymcatch app. The more you do, the more points you earn which you can use to unlock offers from top brands.

How do my customers get rewarded?

Customers earn rewards by booking and paying for sessions and by sharing what they are doing with their friends. Our partners provide us with special offers. These are assigned a Gymcatch points value based on the cash value of the reward. When a user has enough points they can unlock offers and redeem them with the retailer.

What support is available? Do you have any video tutorials?

There is live chat support (bottom right of screen) on that is staffed 9am-5pm UK time, and a support email address, with full-time staff ready to answer any queries that arise. We commit to replying to emails or offline tickets within two business days of receipt but, in practice, these are generally resolved within hours. We also offer our Knowledge Base (you are presently viewing), as well as video tutorials available on the YouTube channel.


Do I need a personal Gymcatch Account before registering a business?

No. When you go to the registration process on the Gymcatch Business Portal, you will be asked if you already have an account on the app. If so, you can link that account to your business account there. If not you can create your personal account then and there on the Business Portal.

Can I promote myself through a personal Gymcatch account?

No, users of individual Gymcatch accounts aren’t permitted to provide or promote commercial services through the Gymcatch Apps. An individual account holder can’t be listed as a Gym on Gymcatch. In any event, without a Business Account, Gymcatch won’t work for you.

I’m not sure if my organization is eligible to have a Business Account on Gymcatch?

Our general rule is that if you provide health, fitness or sport services that Gymcatch users can participate in, you will probably be eligible. You don’t need to have a company but you do need to be formally operating and legally entitled to be providing the services that you are promoting on Gymcatch.

These guidelines should help.

Who should be registering a Business Account?

• Gyms and studios
• Independent personal training businesses
• Other health and fitness businesses instructing yoga, Pilates or other health and fitness activities
• Coaching businesses
• Martial arts businesses
• Formal sports clubs
• Organizers of participatory events

Who shouldn’t be registering as a Business Account?

• Personal trainers that only operate through other businesses and who don’t have an independent client base
• Businesses selling apparel or equipment
• Businesses selling food, pharmaceutical or nutritional products
• Any business that does not provide opportunity for active participation by the Gymcatch community

Still not sure? Contact us at hello@gymcatch.comand we’ll help you out.

Who can create a Business Account?

Anyone within your organization can register your Business Account as long as they are authorised to do so.

Who can administer my Business Account?

Once registered, our system is flexible so that the initial administrator can appoint further administrators for free so the right people have appropriate access to your Business Account. You can appoint people as lead administrator(s) – this allows them to control what other administrators are able to control.

What rights do administrators have and can I control what an Administrator can do?

Business Account administrators can do the following – all of which can be enabled or disabled by the lead administrator:

• Create and manage Professional Accounts
• Create and manage class schedules
• Create and manage packages
• Create and manage events
• Post to newsfeed
• Access the business account via the web portal

Can I share Account log-in details around my business?

No. Administrators must keep their login details confidential. You can create additional Administrator Accounts for your Business Account if you want to appoint more than one Business Account Administrator.

What is a Professional Account?

Once you have registered your Business Account you will see that you have the option to add Professional Accounts. Professional Accounts are accounts on the Gymcatch App for fitness professionals. Professional Accounts allow your employees and/or external instructors to be listed as fitness professionals on your Business Account.

Professional Accounts are administered on the Gymcatch app, not the web platform. Remember, Administrator Accounts use the Gymcatch Web Portal: Professional Accounts use the Gymcatch App.

What are the benefits of a Professional Account?

Professional Accounts appear with an icon indicating to other users that the Professional Account holder is a fitness professional. Professional Account holders are listed as fitness professionals on a Business Account.

Professional Account holders are also able to promote their classes or services that take place at a business, through its Business Account. This allows a Professional Account holder to promote that business to followers of a Business Account and interact with the Gymcatch community.

Why are there two types of Professional Account?

There are two types of Professional Account: Staff Accounts and Affiliate Accounts. We’ve done this because we know that fitness businesses have different ways of working with fitness professionals.

Who choses which type of Professional Account to use?

It’s ultimately up to the Business Account administrators to decide which type of Professional Account works best.

What’s the difference between a Staff Account and an Affiliate Account?

A Staff Account is designed for someone who works entirely or predominantly for an organization (at one or more locations). An organization creates a Staff Account from its Business Account through the Gymcatch web platform. That business can deactivate or delete a Staff Account at any time – for example if the holder of a Staff Account leaves the business.

An Affiliate Account is designed for fitness professionals who may work for themselves, and/or other businesses. Fitness professionals like this will need the ability to associate themselves with Business Accounts of several organizations.

How are Professional Accounts created?

Staff accounts are created through a Business Account on the web platform. The fitness professional will receive an invitation to create a Professional Account on Gymcatch by downloading the Gymcatch app and following the registration instructions.

An Affiliate Account is converted from an existing personal Gymcatch account. A Business Account administrator will invite a fitness professional to affiliate themselves with that Business Account.

Can I control what Professional Account holders can post on my Business Account?

Yes, you always have the ability to set your Professional Account holder’s posting rights from the web platform. These are the ability to: create & manage class schedule; create and manage sessions; and post to a Business Account’s newsfeed.

Do Professional Account holders have unrestricted access to the Gymcatch users that follow a Business Account?

No, to interact personally with Gymcatch users they will need to add them to their personal network. This means that the Gymcatch user would have to accept a personal network request from them.

Can a Business Account remove a Staff or Affiliate Account?

A Business Account always has this ability to remove a Professional Account from that Business Account.

Administrators of the Business Account will always have the ability to de-affiliate an affiliate’s account from a Business Account but, because this is someone else’s independent account, will not be able cannot delete it.

Staff accounts can be deactivate entirely by a Business Account at any time. Deactivating a Staff Account removes the ability for that individual to communicate via your Business Account but all prior activity will remain visible on the app.

Deleting an account removes all previous activity created by that individual. or delete the account through the web portal.

How many Affiliate Accounts can a user have?

Just one, but they can be affiliated to multiple Business Accounts.

If I have an Affiliate Account, can I also have a personal account?

No, if you have an Affiliate Account, this is also your personal account.

My organization is large and I have a head office and branch level and want to establish my organization on Gymcatch. Is this possible?

Yes, we have the ability for you to control your business’s overall presence on Gymcatch while delegating authority to branch level Business Accounts. Please contact usdirect for more information.

I don’t have an account on Gymcatch. Can I still have a Business Account?

You can still register a Business Account and upload basic information like class information. However, to post information and interact in real time with the Gymcatch community you will need an account. You can set yourself up with a Staff Account or an Affiliate Account to enable this.


What is the difference between a Class and an Appointment?

Businesses on Gymcatch can create two types of session:

1) Classes have a start and end time and are listed on your business calendar. For example you could list a Circuits session from 18:00 – 19:00pm on a Tuesday.

2) Appointments allow you to make yourself or a member of staff free for bookings during certain times. For example you have a free Friday morning and want to make yourself available for 1 hour PT slots. A client can find these slots and book a session within this window.

Gymcatch allows you to create Appointment windows: periods of time where your customers are able to book appointments with you. It’s super-flexible. You create the appointment window and your clients pick a slot within that window in which to book.

My customers can’t book an appointment because the appointment is too soon?

We don’t want people booking last minute appointments that you might not be able to get to. So we ask that your customers contact you to confirm any appointment bookings within the set confirmation period.

What if two people book appointments and I don’t have time to deliver both sessions?

When you set-up availability windows you can dictate the length of the sessions and include a buffer period at the end of each session, which you can set to give you the optimum time to prepare for your next booking. You can also tell your customers if, and how far, you are able to travel before your next session. All this is designed to allow you to make the most of your working day.

What happens if someone books on Gymcatch and cancels or doesn’t turn up?

Like all booking processes you can never be certain what your clients are going to do. The advantage of Gymcatch is that your clients are able to cancel in app. You are able to set a cancellation policy to suit your needs. This enables you to reserve your right to charge them if they don’t show or cancel with insufficient notice. You can set all this when you create the event.

What payment providers can I use? Is Gymcatch SCA compliant?

We use Stripe as our primary payment provider and we are fully SCA compliant. They are a large international payment provider and are used by a number of household names.

Why can’t I receive payments?

This might be because you don’t have an account set up with one of our payment providers. Set up an account from PAYMENTS section of the web portal. Once you’ve linked your account you can take payment online.

Does Gymcatch charge for payments?

No, Gymcatch doesn’t make any charge for bookings.

The only per transaction fees are those direct from your payment processor. For Stripe these are available at (please note you may need to change the country select).

Do you charge any other fees?

Unlike many other booking systems, Gymcatch does not take a cut of the payments that you receive. Your payment provider charges a fee. For Stripe these are available at (please note you may need to change the country select). Gymcatch UK prices are exclusive of VAT.

My customer wants a refund – how do I do this?

If you want to provide a cash refund to a customer electronically you need to do this through your payment provider account. Gymcatch also gives you the option to credit the customer a session, or, if applicable, credit the session back to their existing package. Fully automated refunds and credits are also available.

Can I set when bookings open and close for a session?

Yes, you can set when bookings open and close for sessions based on the minutes, hours or days before the start time.

Do I get notified when a customer books?

Yes. All your notifications are manages from your settings in app. You can choose to receive email or push notifications or both.

How do wait lists work?

Our wait lists work on a re-publishing basis. Once a place on an over-subscribed class becomes available, everyone on the wait list will get a notification with a link to the class. The first person to book will get the space.

We use this system because it gets someone into a popular class more often than a first-in-line method.

Why can I still see cancelled sessions in-app?

This will be because you are the administrator of the business.  Only business administrators, or customers who were down to attend the cancelled session, will see them/an instance of them in-app. They will not be visible to other users.

What are Packages?

Packages are Gymcatch’s system for bulk buying of services. Businesses can create and sell Packages in the form of:

a) Passes
b) Bundles
c) Courses

What’s the difference between Passes and Bundles?

Passes provides access to your services for a certain period of time.  These can be auto-renewed, but the renewal is at the complete control of the user and can be switched off at any time.

Bundles allow access to fixed number of classes or appointments.

Can I cap the number of times a customer can use a pass?

Yes. You can select a cap when creating your pass.

Why do Bundles need a time limit?

This helps you plan ahead and encourages your customers to use their pre-bought classes. You can control how long a customer has to use a certain bundle. It can be up to a year.

What's a Course?

Courses allow you to create custom blocks of sessions, release drop-in pricing prior to session start times and enable credit-backs and swaps in line with your cancellation policy.

Why can't I create a Course?

This might be because you’ve not bought the relevant bolt-on feature or because you don’t have a payment provider account linked. You can change your plan from within BUSINESS ACCOUNT within the web portal.  You can set up a payment provider account from the PAYMENTS section in the web portal.

What are Package Tags?

Package Tags are the way that you can assign your classes or appointment to different packages.

For example you may have classes at $40 and some at $20. Tags mean that you can group all of your $20 classes together and sell bundles that allow access to just your $20 classes.

Similarly if you have busy peak-time classes and quieter off-peak classes you may wish to create passes that cover just off-peak classes.

When creating packages you can apply multiple tags. This means that you can create packages that cover (using the examples above) $40 and $20 classes, or both on-peak and off-peak classes.

You have up to 5 Package Tags (which you can customise from your PACKAGES dashboard on the business portal.

Can I give Packages away for free?

Yes, Packages are designed so you can gift them. You can gift Packages from your packages dashboard.

You can gift both paid-for packages. e.g. a $60 1 month pass that are on sale. Or you can create Free Packages that are not on public sale and e.g. 1 Free Class, that you can gift to existing or potential customers.

If a customer cancels after they’ve paid for with a package, can I refund them?

Refunds are always subject to your own cancellation policy. But if you want to refund a class or appointment that had been bought using a package, in the web portal, simply hit MANAGE on the relevant package, find the customer that you need to refund, find the class or appointment that they booked and refund it. You can also add auto-refunds as a bolt-on and automate this process in line with your cancellation policy.

Can I track where my customers are in their Package?

Yes. This can be done in the web portal. Simply go to the PACKAGES section and click MANAGE next to the package in question. A list of active and historic purchases, along with their status are listed here.

I have my own cancellation policies, can I use them in app?

Yes. All sessions have the option of adding your own cancellation policies or you can use one of our standard templates.

I have my own website - can I take bookings on my website?

Yes, you can add your schedule and booking process to any website platform (including WordPress, Wix and Squarespace). Installation instructions are available here.

I have my own health and safety waivers – can I provide these and collect key customer contact information?

Yes. You can add these requirements and information in the administration portal and decide whether they are optional or mandatory. When added they become part of the booking process for your customers’ next booking.

How do I onboard my customers? Can I transfer credits?

After a user registers with Gymcatch they are immediately invited to find and connect with your business as their fitness provider. This is done on the first page of registration in iOS and Android, and via the search/then follow button on web. Once they have followed your business you are able to add them to sessions and gift them packages. This makes transferring outstanding credits very easy, as you can gift draft or live packages to them directly.

If you do not wish to require a customer to register with Gymcatch but still want to keep track of their bookings, you can create an unregistered, placeholder, account from the Add Attendee section of the session MANAGE page. You cannot gift or track packages for unregistered users.

Unregistered users cannot be made registered users, but you can always update registered accounts booking history and archive unregistered records in the unlikely event any duplicates arise.

Do you have support for virtual sessions? Can I integrate with Zoom?

We have full support for virtual sessions and our feature set can be found here.

We also have a full Zoom integration available, with full details here.


How much does Gymcatch cost?

Gymcatch has a standard business plan with additional bolt-on features. Businesses receive a free 3 month trial upon sign up, during which time they can add an unlimited number of bolt-ons. For pricing by currency visit

Am I tied in? Can I cancel at any time?

No. Gymcatch is a paid monthly service, so you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your account at any time. Just drop us an email to if you need to cancel.

Does Gymcatch charge for payments?

No, Gymcatch doesn’t make any charge for bookings.

The only per transaction fees are those direct from your payment processor. For Stripe these are available at (please note you may need to change the country select).

Do you charge any other fees?

Unlike many other booking systems, Gymcatch does not add extra fees for the payments that you receive. Your payment provider charges a fee. For Stripe these are available at (please note you may need to change the country select). Gymcatch UK prices are exclusive of VAT.