What is the Boogie Bounce class search system?

Boogie Bounce have created a session search tool for the website. This means that fitness consumers looking for Boogie Bounce sessions near them can now find and book those sessions directly through

If an instructor uses Gymcatch as their booking system, their classes can be automatically and simultaneously listed on the Gymcatch apps, and (if applicable the instructor’s own website).

What is Gymcatch?

Gymcatch is the fitness industry’s best value booking and administration platform. It is a UK business that also operates in Ireland, the United States and Australia.

Boogie Bounce has partnered with Gymcatch to integrate with the class search system and offer their instructors the benefit of Gymcatch’s wider business management features.

Do I need to register with Gymcatch to appear in the Boogie Bounce listing service?

No, you can choose to list your sessions by adding and updating them in the Boogie Bounce Instructor Portal. However, Gymcatch is our exclusive booking integration partner, so the only system that can automate our class locator system.

Can customers book my sessions from

Yes, once you’re set-up new and existing customers will be directed straight from the class locator return to your unique Gymcatch booking page.


Why use Gymcatch?

Gymcatch offers an unparalleled combination of management tools for you and your customers for the best value in the market from £10 a month with a free month 3 trial as standard. There’s no tie in, no administration fees and you can cancel your subscription at any time.  You can see a full list of the features that Gymcatch provides here.

What are the benefits of the service?

You can find the full Gymcatch feature set here. In addition, by signing up to Gymcatch as a Boogie Bounce instructor you get the following benefits:

1. You can take bookings through as well as your website and the Gymcatch apps with no duplication of effort.

2. You can take advantage of the consumer traffic searching for classes on If they’re in your area you can list your services and even take bookings there and then.

3. Get the option to use the fitness industry’s best value booking and admin system which can help you reduce cancellations, save time and secure revenue.

How do I get set-up?

Getting set-up is easy. You can do this from the Classes section of the Boogie Bounce Instructor Area or direct on Gymcatch here. Once you’ve created your account there is a set-up guide you can follow, but at it’s simplest you just need to follow 3 steps:

1. Complete your business page profile.

2. Add your schedule, making sure you set relevant classes with the “Boogie Bounce” category. You can do this once you “Affiliate” to Boogie Bounce.

3. Put your account live by actioning the business confirmation email that you automatically receive from Gymcatch.

From then on, any Boogie Bounce categorised classes will then be published automatically on

All of the administration of your classes can be done either from the Classes page in the Boxercise Instructor Area or via

What does "Affiliate" mean?

Affiliation is the way that Gymcatch shares information with

When you affiliate to Boogie Bounce in the Gymcatch Administration Portal, Gymcatch passes information about your Boogie Bounce sessions and your general business information so it is displayed on the Boogie Bounce website.

No information relating to other services that you provide will be displayed on


What does it cost? Is there a special deal for Boogie Bounce instructors?

Gymcatch costs £10 per month (excluding VAT). There are additional features that you can add on to your subscription for a small cost that are priced individually. Further information on pricing, bolt-ons and by country is available here.

Boogie Bounce HQ have also negotiated a special deal for Boogie Bounce instructors. When you affiliate to HQ to share your class data, you will also benefit of a Gymcatch price cap of £20 until November 2021. That means however many bolt-ons you add to the base £10 a month plan you will never pay more than £20 per month.

Am I tied-in?

No, you can cancel at any time. This is a pay as you go service.

What if I want to try before I buy?

Gymcatch offers a 3 month free trial. Just sign up for free and you cancel any time before the end of the trial for no added cost.

Can I stop sharing my schedule with

Yes, if you stop delivering Boogie Bounce classes or you don’t want to publish them on you can disaffiliate at any time.

What supports on offer? Do you have video tutorials?

There is live chat support (bottom right of screen) and a support email address too, with full-time staff ready to answer any queries that arise. There are also video tutorials available on the YouTube channel.



For questions on Gymcatch’s wider features you can check out our Knowledge Base, there is a video here on how to set-up your Gymcatch account. You can also contact Gymcatch directly at

If you have any questions specifically for Boogie Bounce then you can contact them in the usual way.