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World Mental Health Day

By October 10, 2021August 1st, 2023No Comments

World Mental Health Day on Sunday 10th October is a timely reminder of how mental health is at the heart of fitness and wellness.

The nexus between physical and mental health is well established. And the joy is that benefits are so multi-faceted that regardless of what it is that you enjoy, there will be associated mental health benefits.

Yoga and Pilates

Yoga is perhaps the most obvious example of how the body and mind are inextricably linked. The ancient fundamentals of the discipline are as relevant today as they were millennia ago. And now there are now more varieties on offer than ever which means there will be the right discipline and instructor for you. Our friends at Yoga Alliance can put you in contact with one of their thousands of instructors.

Pilates was founded on the central premise of physical and mental health being closely linked. The controlled exercises within Pilates are perfect for those seeking to improve and maintain their mobility. And with that improved strength, balance and flexibility comes the ability to lead an active lifestyle. The team at JPilates are always on hand to find the right instructor and the right programme for you.

Ways to destress and decompress

For some people, exercise is a way of letting of steam. For them, there is no better way to destress, decompress and get those endorphins racing than some up-tempo music and a high octane boxing workout. And over at Fight Klub, that’s exactly what you get.

And of course, the benefits of apply to any exercise. From walking around the block to a gruelling hour with a personal trainer and everything in between provides that physiological response that can be so beneficial to mental health.

What’s more, exercise can be a fantastic social vehicle. It could be through exercise that you meet an inspirational instructor who can catalyse an improvement in your mental health.

It could be that exercise is the gateway to a new and positive social dimension to your social life.

And it could be as simple as getting out to exercise and bumping into your neighbours more often gives you a new and improved relationship with your community. Connecting with people and good relationships can give you a sense of belonging and help improve your mental wellbeing.

There are some useful resources out there with advice and support tools

5 steps to mental wellbeing
The NHS has put together 5 steps you can take to improve your mental health and wellbeing.

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