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How To Get Online Personal Training Clients

By June 22, 2020No Comments

You have been thinking about getting started as a personal trainer and probably already taken classes to prepare you for the vision ahead. You already have a course outline and feel like it is time to put yourself out there. One problem, though, you do not know how to get online personal training clients.

Many aspiring or even already existing personal trainers often feel stuck at this point. Everything usually looks easy until you have to stand at the starting line. You do not need to feel intimidated. Realise that everyone has a place they all start, and it only takes one client to say yes. If you are lucky, you already have one or two clients, but you are now looking to expand and make room for more.

While an easy ride is not promised, there is room for practicality, and that is what we will look at in this article. Hopefully, by the end of this read, you will be more ready to get your online clients.

Let’s get started.

Build the ideal personality

The number one thing you need to remember at all times is that this line of business, just like any other, requires trust. Your possible clients need to feel safe in your hands as a trainer. This means your personality has to sell that kind of peace. When someone looks at you and your services, will they feel they are making the right decision by hiring you?

Start by shaping your personality online. Aim to be as natural and friendly as possible. Be prepared to deal with different types of people and to listen to all kinds of concerns. Once you have a set personality, it’ll be time to sell it.

Find your uniqueness

Secondly, there are probably many online trainers right now. What makes you different? Why will someone come to you and not your competitors? You need to find that one or two things that sell you as a unique or a must-have brand.

It could be your success story online. This is often a great place to start. If you had struggled with fitness before and finally got it right, sell the story as your unique position. Maybe you know better and more practical ways of tackling fitness issues, share that as your unique point. Remember, when the clients look at you, they need to feel seen, so your unique point needs to tap that feeling.

Social media advertising

The best and most comfortable place to find potential online clients is on social media pages. By 2019, around 2.9 billion people were using social media. Now that your business is online-based, you can see how many people you have access to. Even if you’re a beginner and want to start small and grow big with time, this shows you that there is a lot of room for growth.

One thing you need to be careful about is how you tread on different social media platforms. In as much as the sky is the limit, how you use each available platform can make or break your brand.

Each social media platform is unique for a particular reason. Facebook is a great place for marketing, but Twitter would be better for driving a specific conversation. Visuals are better embraced on Instagram and Pinterest, while YouTube is a great place to set up videos tutorials and tips.

It would help if you also watched out for social media trends. For example, videos are becoming more and more favourable marketing tools. A reason why Twitter and Instagram expanded their sites to work better with videos.

Take time to understand how advertising on each of these platforms is done best; for example, using paid ads with Facebook and Instagram. They allow you to target an audience that may be looking for a personal trainer. It may cost you a bit of money but could benefit your business greatly.

Launching and running a website

Aside from social media, you will want to build a website. There are several types of websites which come in handy for different reasons. For example, if you only want a site with your information and service descriptions, you would go for different design compared to someone who wants to have all their training classes on the website.

Ensure you for a website that can accommodate your current business plan and also have room for expansion. Make sure it is SEO friendly, mobile friendly and has a great UX and UI. Once potential customers have reached your site there needs to be a way or them to either book a class or get in contact with you. This is where Gymcatch comes into play, a tool which can be embedded onto your website for a quick and easy client booking and scheduling.


Networking with like-minded people online can help you to find clients online. Join Facebook pages and groups that talk about fitness and online training. If there is an online webinar on the same niche, plan to join so that you can interact with an online audience that can quickly provide you with the clients you are looking for.

Promotions and discounts

If you finding it difficult to get clients over the line. It may be worth offering a promotion or discount across the various online platform to attract customers to your site. However it’s important to have a reliable paying and operating system set up before you start advertising your promotions to avoid looking unprofessional.

Word of mouth/referrals

Lastly, always ask people to help you sell your services by spreading the word. You can do by promoting an online referral scheme on your website or social platforms and potentially offer a free class for every referral.

Time to get out there and sale

There you go. Hopefully you have all the tools you need to find your online training clients. Don’t forget to check out Gymcatch personal training management software and see how we can push your online personal training business to the next level.